Exterior Cement Mouldings

Our Exterior Cement Mouldings range includes:

Window Bands
Door Surrounds
String Coarse
Chimney Bands
Quoin Stones
Over Mantels
Date & Name Plaques

Exterior Cement Mouldings suit all types of houses both large and small. They can be made to suit the clients requirements.

We offer a Made to Order service to our customers. Clients can bring drawings into the showroom or they can fax or email them to us. Alternatively, they can provide us with the profile sizes they require over the telephone. We can then design a profile to any shape or size. For further information on the sizes that are available for our Exterior Cement products, please contact us.

Interior Plaster Mouldings

Our Interior Plaster Mouldings range includes:

Centre Pieces
Wall Niches
Picture Bands

We also offer a Made to Order service for our Plaster Mouldings customers. Plaster Mouldings can be made to any size that the customer requires and can also be made to match existing mouldings that the customer may have.

If you have any further queries about our products, sizes available, or what we can do for you, please contact us and we will do our best to be of service to you.

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